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Our Lino Lakes Cycling Classes

Cycling Classes

These Lino Lakes cycling classes will push you to the limits and make you sweat!


Interactive Scenery

Virtual 3D tracks, different camera angles, dynamic scenes, lighting control, real-time group activity and much more, all to make sure your classes look different every time! With Spivi Studio, instructors can visualize all aspects of their workout on the fly.

Live Leaderboard

Spivi tracks and analyzes a variety of performance attributes such as Heart Rate, Power, Cadence, Speed, Distance, Energy, Calories and more!

Stream & Replay

The world’s first platform to allow gyms and boutique studios to run indoor cycling classes with both in-studio and at-home attendees, working out together with real-time group data and 3D simulation. Stream live or replay.

Tests & Challenges

Spivi Studio offers multiple fitness tests and challenges you can run at any given time. Fitness tests help members to determine their personal fitness metrics. Once taken, the results are automatically uploaded to individual member profiles on the cloud.

Structured Workouts

Ready-to-run structured workouts (class profiles) are waiting for you with the Spivi Studio. We partnered with global professionals to bring you the best workouts for your members. Structured workouts are shareable between instructors, control the visuals and project goals on screen for both in-studio and home-users.

Designed to Engage

Designed to keep your members engaged with your brand and enthusiastic about achieving their personal goals set in your club.


full body Cycling Classes that leave you energized


My Tribe Cycle

About our Lino Lakes Fitness studio

Lino Lakes Group Fitness Classes My Tribe Fitness

Leading with faith first, My Tribe Fitness was founded in November of 2020 after the city’s local YMCA was permanently closed. We are a privately owned group fitness studio conveniently located in Lino Lakes. Here, we make it our mission to offer a safe space to achieve your goals while meeting new friends along the way.

 Recently named Best Gym in the Quad Area, we serve ALL fitness levels and would love the opportunity to show you that with faith and the right place and community, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. So what are you waiting for? Find your tribe at My Tribe Fitness and love them HARD. Contact us now!

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Embrace yourself.
Transform your life.

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